Sunday, October 4, 2015 (UWA)

From 4:30pm –   Registration & Welcoming BBQ

The Pagoda (there's only one) between Matilda Bay Tea Rooms and Matilda Bay Restaurant.

There is also a pair of jetty's between these two that may help locate the venue if you are walking along the river.

To get to this location from the city, catch the 950 bus and get of before the traffic lights at Hackett drive (press the bell on the bus after you’ve gone past the boathouse and get off at the next stop. Then, walk south through the carpark and along the foreshore.

Monday, October 5, 2015 (Location will be shown on Google map realtime during the session)

9:30am – 11am  Opening Address and Program Introduction

Please assemble at your hotel around 9:00 am. A guide will lead you to the Captain Cook Cruise Office at Pier 3, Barrack Street Jetty, Perth (see map), where we will depart at 9:30 am for a 2-hour morning cruise to Swan Valley for our official opening, to be followed by premium wine tasting at some of Perth’s most delightful boutique wineries and brewery, including Lancaster, Edgecombe, Olive Farm, and Feral Brewery, as well as chocolate tasting at Margaret’s River Chocolate Factory. The excursion finishes at 5pm at your hotel.

esday, October 6, 2015 (Old Swan Brewery)

Technical Session I

Chair:   Michael Small

09:00    Opening

09:10    Plenary Lecture 1: Compressive Sensing — Celso Grebogi [Download Slides]

10:00    Report 1.1: Multi-object System: A Stochastic Geometric Approach — Ba-Ngu Vo [Download Slides]

10:30    Coffee break

Chair:   Thomas Stemler

11:00    Report 1.2: Identifying Coherence in Complex Non-stationary Dynamical Systems from Sparse and Incomplete Data — Gary Froyland

11:30    Report 1.3: Levy-Desplanques, Gersgorin and Beyond: Eigenvalue Bounds and Matrix Graphs — Chai Wah Wu

12:00    Report 1.4: Relative Influence Maximization on Complex Networks — Xiaofan Wang [Download Slides]

12:30    Lunch break

Technical Session II

Chair:   Guanrong Chen

14:00    Plenary Lecture 2: Explosive Synchronization in Networked Oscillators — Stefano Boccaletti

14:50    Report 2.1: Switching in Complex Networks: Analysis and Synthesis — Xinghuo Yu

15:20    Coffee break

Chair:   Herbert Iu

15:50    Report 2.2: Virtual Network Embedding Algorithms for Software Defined Networks — Ljiljana Trajkovic

16:20    Report 2.3: Information Flows and Their Role in Social Predictability — Lewis Mitchell [Download Slides]

16:50    Report 2.4: Network-based Growth Equation — Michael Tse

17:20    End of Day 1

Wednesday, October 7, 2015 (Old Swan Brewery)

Technical Session III

Chair:   Xinghuo Yu

09:00    Plenary Lecture 3: Pinning Control and Controllability of Complex Networks — Guanrong Chen [Download Slides]

09:50    Report 3.1: Towards Controlling Complex Networks — Xiang Li [Download Slides]

10:20    Coffee break

Chair:   Michael Tse

10:50    Report 3.2: Optimised Flows and Paths in Complex Networks: Implications for Material Design and Modelling — Antoinette Tordesillas

11:20    Report 3.3: Economic Networks and the Regional Specialisation of Innovation — Dion O'Neale

11:50    Report 3.4: Complex Engineering Systems — Michael Small [Download Slides]

12:20    Lunch break

Technical Session IV

Chair:   Gary Froyland

13:50    Plenary Lecture 4: Climate Networks and Extreme Events — Juergen Kurths [Download Slides]

14:40    Report 4.1: Patterns of Synchronisation in Networked Dynamical Systems — Kevin Judd [Download Slides]

15:10    Coffee break

Chair:   Ed Cripps

15:40    Report 4.2: A Complex Systems Approach for Complex System Maintenance — Melinda Hodkiewicz [Download Slides]

16:10    Report 4.3: Placement and Routing for 3D ICs — Maciej Ogorzalek

16:40    Report 4.4: Analysis of a Laser-Chaos Communication Experiment — Tony Lawrence [Download Slides]

17:10    Closing

17:20    End of workshop