Typesetting Chinese in LaTeX



The easiest way to typeset Chinese in LaTeX documents is to use a version of LaTeX called XeLaTeX which reads unicode inputs and processes Chinese characters directly.

Your tex file MUST be saved in unicode format BY DEFAULT. XeLaTeX will process it and generate the pdf output.

The LaTeX File

The standard opening lines of your LaTeX file looks like the following:



\newfontfamily{\C}[Scale=0.95]{Songti TC}
\newfontfamily{\SC}[Scale=0.95]{Songti SC}
\newfontfamily{\AL}[Scale=0.95]{Apple LiSung}

Type your document here. When you want to type some Chinese characters, just use {\C 文字}, where the Chinese characters are typed directly in the tex file in unicode file format.


Running XeLaTeX

When you finished editing your tex file, run XeLaTeX on it to generate a Chinese document.

That's it. Easy!

Saving File

Remember to save your latex file in unicode format!!



Here is a sample XeLaTeX file that can generate a smart letterhead with PolyU Chinese title and logo image. Feel free to download it and modify it for your own use.


Updated Michael Tse; May 10, 2014.