Workshop Information

Invited Lecturers

  • D. Arrowsmith, UK
  • S. Banerjee, India
  • A.J. Lawrance, UK
  • Qishao Lu, China
  • L. Kocarev, USA
  • M. Ogorzalek, Poland
  • W. Schwarz, Germany
  • G. Setti, Italy
  • M. Small, Hong Kong
  • L. Trajkovic, Canada
  • C.W. Wu, USA

Predicting Chaos

Inquiry and Contacts

Social Events

Lunch (Hong Kong Parkview)

The workshop lunch will be held at the Hong Kong Parkview. The exact location will be announced at the end of the morning technical session.

Banquet (JUMBO Floating Restaurant)

The Banquet will be held at the historical JUMBO ("precious treasure" in Chinese) Floating Restaurant situated at the old fishing bay of Aberbeen, south of Hong Kong island. This floating restaurant was once a key attraction of Hong Kong, but in the eighties it became unpopular. In 2003 it was rennovated in the style of ancient Chinese imperial palace (dining hall on the top deck), and has since then reattracted tourists and locals.

Bus pickup time: 6:30pm
Meeting place: Lobby Entrance of Hong Kong Parkview
Approximate return time: 9:45pm leaving from JUMBO

If you wish to go by yourself, please arrive at JUMBO Floating Restaurant around 7:00pm. A taxi ride from Causeway Bay area to the pier at Shum Wan will cost around 60 to 70 HK dollars. Tell the taxi driver that you want to go to JUMBO Floating Restaurant, and he will surely take you to the pier at Shum Wan because there is no other means of reaching the floating restaurant except by taking the free shuttle boat at Shum Wan Pier. The shuttle boat ride will take about two minutes. Our party will be held in Palace Hall on the upper deck of the floating restaurant. (There will be a partitioned area for our party.)

The restaurant's homepage is

If you have a question, please email me at


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