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Fridays, January 9 to May 8, 2009, 4:30pm - 5:30pm
Room B6605 (Blue Zone) or G6302 (Green Zone), City University of Hong Kong
Room CD634 (Enter from D or E core), Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Tea and coffee served at 4:15pm outside the venue

All seminars will be in English

The Centre for Chaos and Complex Networks at the City University of Hong Kong and the Department of Electronic and Information Engineering at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University continue their joint seminar series in this semester, to present tutorial overviews and original research work in the general areas of chaos and bifurcation, systems control, complex networks and their engineering applications. A list of tentative topics and schedule is as follows.

9 Jan Prof. Herwig Unger, University of Hagen, Germany
Pattern Generation in Decentralized Communities (Venue: G6302, CityU, Chair: W. Tang)
16 Jan Mr Ben Cheng, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Some Problems in Sensor Networks and Our Solutions (Venue: CD634, PolyU, Chair: M. Tse)
23 Jan Prof. Frank Lewis, University of Texas at Arlington, USA
On Optimal Adaptive Neurocontrol (Venue: B6605, CityU, Chair: H.X. Li)
30 Jan Chinese New Year Break
6 Feb Dr Pui-Wai Ma, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Spin-lattice Dynamics Simulation: Method and Applications (Venue: G6302, CityU, Chair: W. Tang)
13 Feb Mr Xiaofan Liu, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Composing Music from Complex Networks (Venue: CD634, PolyU, Chair: M. Tse)
20 Feb Dr Hai-Tao Zhang, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan
Collective Behaviour Coordination with Low Cost Communication and Adaptive Velocity (Venue: B6605, CityU, Chair: K.W. Wong)
27 Feb Miss Xia Zheng, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Error Floor of Short-Length LDPC Codes (Venue: CD634, PolyU, Chair: F. Lau)
6 Mar Prof. Moshe Zukerman, City University of Hong Kong
Teletraffic research directions for the evolving Internet (Venue: B6605, CityU, Chair: T. Chow)
13 Mar Mr Tamas Istvan Krebesz, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary
Application of Gaussian impulses and chaotic signals in ultra-wideband communications (Venue: CD634, PolyU, Chair: M. Tse)
20 Mar Dr Ling Shi, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Kalman Filtering over an Unreliable Network: A Probabilistic Approach (Venue: G6302, CityU, Chair: D. Ho)
24 Mar (Tue) Prof. David Hill, Australian National University, Australia
Feedback Networks (Venue: B6605, CityU, Chair: )
27 Mar Dr K. W. Wong, City University of Hong Kong
Chaos and Source Coding (Venue: CD634, PolyU, Chair: F. Lau)
3 Apr Dr Alan Yeung, City University of Hong Kong
Network Infrastructure Attacks (Venue: B2625, CityU, Chair: A. Leung)
10 Apr Easter Break
17 Apr Ms Xiumin Li, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Synaptic Integration and Modulation of Gamma-frequency Current in Cortical Neuron Model (Venue: CD634, PolyU, Chair: M. Small)
24 Apr Prof. Maciej Ogorzalek, Jagiellonian University, Poland
Analysis of Dermoscopic Images for Computer-Assisted Diagnosis (Venue: B6605, CityU, Chair: K.W. Chung)
1 May Labour Day Holiday
8 May Prof. Geza Kolumban, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary
Integrated Test and Manufacturing Systems Exploiting Virtual Instrumentation and Providing Traceability (Venue: CD634, PolyU, Chair: F. Lau)
29 May Dr Chai Wah Wu, IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center, USA
Control and Synchronization in Systems Coupled Via a Complex Network Presentation Slides (Venue: G6302, CityU, Chair: W. Tang)
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