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Fridays, February 3 to May 18, 2012, 4:30pm - 5:30pm
Room B6605 (Blue Zone) or G6302 (Green Zone), City University of Hong Kong
Room CD634 (Enter from D or E core), Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Tea and coffee served at 4:15pm outside the venue

All seminars will be in English

The Centre for Chaos and Complex Networks at the City University of Hong Kong and the Department of Electronic and Information Engineering at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University continue their joint seminar series in this semester, to present tutorial overviews and original research work in the general areas of chaos and bifurcation, systems control, complex networks and their engineering applications. A list of tentative topics and schedule is as follows.

3 Feb Mr Guanghui Wen, Peking University, Beijing
Distributive Control of Multi-Agent Systems with Communication Constraints (Venue: B6605, CityU, Chair: G. Chen)
10 Feb Miss Jiajing Wu, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Impact of Network Structure on Communication Network Performance (Venue: CD634, PolyU, Chair: M. Tse)
17 Feb Dr Yaobin Mao, Nanjing University of Science and Technology, Nanjing
CAPTCHA -- Designing and Breaking (Venue: B6605, CityU, Chair: W. Tang)
24 Feb Dr Ben Cheng, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Network Structures for Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Networks (Venue: CD634, PolyU, Chair: F. Lau)
2 Mar Dr Zhihai Rong, Donghua University, Shanghai
Prisoner Dilemma and Beyond: An Introduction to Networked Game Theory (Venue: B6605, CityU, Chair: K.W. Wong)
9 Mar Prof. Tetsuro Endo, Meiji University, Japan
Bifurcation of Quasi-Periodic Oscillations in Mutually-Coupled Hard Type Oscillators (Venue: CD634, PolyU, Chair: M. Tse)
16 Mar Mr Yue Zhao, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Efficient Decoding of LDPC Codes Using GPUs (Venue: B6605, CityU, Chair: K.T. Ko)
23 Mar (3pm) Prof. David Hill, University of Sydney, Australia
Smart Grid as Distributed Learning Control (Venue: CD634, PolyU, Chair: M. Tse)
23 Mar Prof. Cetin K. Koc, University of California at Santa Barbara, USA
Claveo: A Secure & Effortless Authentication Architecture for Mobile Devices (Venue: CD634, PolyU, Chair: F. Lau)
30 Mar Prof. Geza Kolumban, Pazmany Peter Catholic University, Hungary
Technologies for designing of future telecommunications systems: Generalization of the ideas of software defined radio and virtual instrumentation to get software defined electronics (Venue: B6605, CityU, Chair: K.W. Chung)
13 Apr Dr Leanne Chan, City University of Hong Kong
Evaluation of Efficiency and Safety of a High-Resolution Retinal Implant (Venue: CD634, PolyU, Chair: F. Lau)
20 Apr Miss Yuhan Chen, Department of Physics, Hong Kong Baptist University
Formation of Complex Neural Networks under Multiple Constraints (Venue: B6605, CityU, Chair: T. Chow)
27 Apr Dr Ray C.C. Cheung, City University of Hong Kong
High-Performance Bioinformatics Computing Using FPGAs (Venue: CD634, PolyU, Chair: S.C. Tan)
4 May Dr Guofeng Zhang, Dept. of Applied Mathematics, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Response of Quantum Systems to Non-classical Input (Venue: B6605, CityU, Chair: A. Leung)
7 May (Mon, 11am) Prof. Changpin Li, Shanghai University, China
Fractional Calculus and its Applciaitons (Venue: B6605, CityU, Chair: A. Joseph)
11 May Prof. Kung Yao, University of California at Los Angeles
Public Safety Network Systems based on 4G LTE Cellular Technology (Venue: CD634, PolyU, Chair: M. Tse)
18 May Dr Chai Wah Wu, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, New York (Tentative)
Locally Connected Processor Arrays for Matrix Multiplication and Linear Transforms (Venue: B6605, CityU, Chair: J. Chen)
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