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Fridays, September 4 to December 18, 2015, 4:30pm - 5:30pm
Room B6605 (Blue Zone) or G6302 (Green Zone), City University of Hong Kong
Room CD634 (Enter from D or E core), Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Tea and coffee served at 4:15pm outside the venue

All seminars will be in English

The Centre for Chaos and Complex Networks at the City University of Hong Kong and the Department of Electronic and Information Engineering at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University continue their joint seminar series in this semester, to present tutorial overviews and original research work in the general areas of systems theory, control, complex networks and their engineering applications. A list of tentative topics and schedule is as follows.

18 Aug (Tue)
Prof. Karl H. Johansson, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
Cyber-secure Networked Control Systems (Venue: G6302, CityU, Chair: J. Chen)
4 Sept Prof. Guanrong Chen, City University of Hong Kong
Pinning Control and Controllability of Complex Networks (Venue: B6605, CityU, Chair: W. Tang)
11 Sept Dr Xiaofang Hu, City University of Hong Kong
Memristive Neural Networks: Design, Analysis and Applications (Venue: CD634, PolyU, Chair: F. Lau)
18 Sept Dr Song Fang, City University of Hong Kong
Towards Integrating Information and Control Theories for Networked Control: Information Constraints and Fundamental Limits (Venue: B6605, cityU, Chair: N. Chan)
25 Sept Dr Lingfu Xie, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Mitigating Doppler Effects on Physical-layer Network Coding in VANET (Venue: CD634, PolyU, Chair: I. Ho)
2 Oct Day after National Day
8 Oct (Thur)
Prof. Ni-Bin Chang, University of Central Florida, USA
Remote Sensing and Sensor Networks in Support of Smart and Green Municipal Water Infrastructure Systems (Venue: B6619, CityU, Chair: J. Chen)
9 Oct Prof. Hideaki Ishii, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
Resilient Consensus of Multi-Agent Networks in the Presence of Malicious Attacks (Venue: B6605, CityU, Chair: J. Chen)
16 Oct Dr Yicong Zhou, Macau University, Macau
Nonlinear Chaotic Operation Systems (Venue: CD634, PolyU, Chair: B. Cheng)
23 Oct Mr Sheng Jiang, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
An Approach to Constructing Regular Sparse Matrices with Large Girth (Minimum Cycle Length) (Venue: B6605, CityU, Chair: L. Dai)
30 Oct Mr Fan Chao, University of Electronic Science and Technology China
The Impact of Social Relationship on Human Mobility (Venue: CD634, PolyU, Chair: F. Lau)
6 Nov Prof. David Hill, University of Hong Kong
Smarter Grids as Distributed Learning Control (Venue: B6605, CityU, Chair: T. Chow)
13 Nov Dr Te Wu, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Evolution of Parochial Altruism (Venue: CD634, PolyU, Chair: B. Cheng)
20 Nov Dr Liangyin Zhang, University of Hong Kong
The Moddified Algebraic Riccati Equation and Its Applications (Venue: B6605, CityU, Chair: K.W. Chung)
27 Nov Dr Daihai He, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
The Cohort Effect in Childhood Disease Dynamics (Venue: CD634, PolyU, Chair: M. Tse)
4 Dec NOLTA Conference Week
11 Dec Prof. Andrew C.S. Leung, City University of Hong Kong
Lagrange Programming Neural Network for Sparse Approximation (Venue: B6605, CityU, Chair: G. Chen)
18 Dec Dr Tao Liu, University of Hong Kong
Synchronization of Networks by Event-Triggered Control (Venue: CD634, PolyU, Chair: M. Tse)
23 Dec Prof. Shlomo Havlin, Bar-Ilan University, Israel
Failures and Recovery in Networks of Networks (Venue: B6605, CityU, Chair: M. Zukerman)
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