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Fridays, January 15 to May 14, 2016, 4:30pm - 5:30pm
Room B6605 (Blue Zone), City University of Hong Kong
Room CD634 (Enter from D or E core), Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Tea and coffee served at 4:15pm outside the venue

All seminars will be in English

The Centre for Chaos and Complex Networks at the City University of Hong Kong and the Department of Electronic and Information Engineering at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University continue their joint seminar series in this semester, to present tutorial overviews and original research work in the general areas of chaos and bifurcation, systems control, complex networks and their engineering applications. A list of tentative topics and schedule is as follows.

15 Jan Dr Chao Zhai, University of Hong Kong
Design and Validation of a Virtual Player for Studying Interpersonal Coordination in the Mirror Game (Venue: B6605, CityU, Chair: R. Chen)
22 Jan Prof. Marcos Katz, University of Oulu, Finland
An Introduction to Mobile Clouds (Venue: B6605, CityU, Chair: L. Dai)
29 Jan Prof. Rubin Wang, East China University of Science and Technology
Discussion about Cognitive Encoding and Neural Energy (Venue: CD634, PolyU, Chair: M. Tse)
19 Feb Prof. Xinghuo Yu, RMIT University, Australia
Switching in Complex Networks: Analysis and Synthesis (Venue: B6605, CityU, Chair: T. Chow)
26 Feb Dr Hua Yang, Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China
TBD (Venue: EF502b, PolyU, Chair: B. Cheng)
4 Mar Mr Qi She, University of Hong Hong
Evaluating the Small-World-Ness of a Sampled Network: Functional Connectivity of Entorhinal-Hippocampal Circuitry (Venue: B6605, CityU, Chair: K.W. Chung)
11 Mar Dr Siu Chung Wong, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Inductive Power Transfer: An Introduction (Venue: CD634, PolyU, Chair: F. Lau)
18 Mar Dr Lin Wang, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
Controllability and Observability of Networked Systems (Venue: B6605, CityU, Chair: R. Chen)
1 Apr Prof. Takashi Hikihara, Kyoto University, Japan
Power Packetization based on High Frequency Switching of SiC Power Device (Venue: CD634, PolyU, Chair: M. Tse)
8 Apr Mr Felix Yang Lou, City University of Hong Kong
Communicating on Complex Networks: A Naming Game Model (Venue: B6605, CityU, Chair: N. Chan)
15 Apr Mr Nuwan Ganganath, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Distributed Anti-Flocking Algorithms for Dynamic Coverage of Mobile Sensor Networks (Venue: CD634, PolyU, Chair: B. Cheng)
22 Apr Dr Michael Z.Q. Chen, University of Hong Kong
Tssive Mechanical Control and Network Synthesis with Inerter (Venue: B6605, CityU, Chair: W. Tang)
29 Apr Dr Zhihai Rong, University Electronic Science and Technology of China
Evolution of Zero-determinant Strategies in Complex Networks (Venue: CD634, PolyU, Chair: B. Cheng)
6 May (6:30pm) Prof. Alexander Holevo, Steklov Mathematical Institute, Moscow, Russia
Quantum Signal+Noise Models: Beyond I.I.D. (Venue: B6605, CityU, Chair: C.W. Tan)
13 May Miss Tanuja Shanmukhappa and Mr Xingtang Wu, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Is the bus network in Hong Kong scalefree? How does our MTR network compare with those of London, Paris, Tokyo and Beijing? Some preliminary findings for discussion. (Venue: CD634, PolyU, Chair: Ivan Ho)
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