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Fridays, September 7 to December 14, 2018, 4:30pm - 5:30pm
Room B6605 (Blue Zone) or G6302 (Green Zone), City University of Hong Kong
Room CD634 (Enter from D or E core), Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Tea and coffee served at 4:15pm outside the venue

All seminars will be in English

The Centre for Chaos and Complex Networks at the City University of Hong Kong and the Department of Electronic and Information Engineering at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University continue their joint seminar series in this semester, to present tutorial overviews and original research work in the general areas of systems theory, control, complex networks and their engineering applications. A list of tentative topics and schedule is as follows.

7 Sept Dr Lin Wang, University of Hong Kong
Dynamics underlying global spread of emerging epidemics: An analytical view (Venue: BB6605, CityU, Chair: R. Chen)
14 Sept Dr Anushree Mahapatra, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Machine learning based estimators for Heuristic optimization (Venue: CD634, PolyU, Chair: F. Lau)
21 Sept Dr Yaru Fu, City University of Hong Kong
Non-orthogonal Multiple Access (NOMA) Research Directions (Venue: G6302, CityU, Chair: L. Dai)
28 Sept (10:00am) Prof. Jonathan Manton, University of Melbourne, Australia
Optimisation Geometry (Venue: G6302, CityU, Chair: M. Zukerman)
28 Sept Mr Muhammad Yaqoob, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Advanced Topologies and Modulation Schemes for High-Efficiency Operation of Dual-Active-Bridge Series-Resonant DC-DC Converter (Venue: CD634, PolyU, Chair: K.H. Loo)
5 Oct Mr Lin Ling, City University of Hong Kong
Proving Inequalities in Information Theory: Theory, Computational Challenges and Scalable Solutions (Venue: B6605, CityU, Chair: C. W. Tan)
12 Oct Dr Yanni Sun, City University of Hong Kong
RNA virus characterization from microbial community sequencing data (Venue: B6605, CityU, Chair: W. Tang)
19 Oct IWCSN in Nanjing
26 Oct Miss Lucia Li, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Basic Structures of Interconnected Converters for Single-Input Multiple-Output Applications (Venue: CD634, PolyU, Chair: M. Tse)
2 Nov Mr Zhongyan Fan, City University of Hong Kong
Knowledge consensus in complex networks: Roles of perception and categorization (Venue: G6302, CityU, Chair: K.W. Chung}
9 Nov Prof. Tsorng-Juu Liang, National Cheng-Kung University, Taiwan
Developments and Applications of Power Electronics (Venue: CD634, PolyU, Chair: M. Tse)
16 Nov Prof. Michael Tse, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Wireless Power Transfer Technologies (Venue: B6605, CityU, Chair: T. Chow)
23 Nov Dr Wen Chen, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Fundamental Optics for Information Security (Venue: CD634, PolyU, Chair: F. Lau)
30 Nov Dr Yixuan Yuan, City University of Hong Kong
Computer-aided Automatic Medical Image Analysis with Machine Learning (Venue: B6605, CityU, Chair: N. Chan)
7 Dec Dr Keith Ngan, School of Energy and Environment, City University of Hong Kong
Atmospheric Predicability since Lorenz (Venue: CD634, PolyU, Chair: M. Tse)
14 Dec Dr Lin Dai, City University of Hong Kong
Massive Random Access: Fundamental Limits, Optimal Design, and Applications to M2M Communications (Venue: B6605, CityU, Chair: N. Chan)
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